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Results from the 2005 season, along with plans for 2006
Data and photos from previous digs, including images of some of the thousands of artifacts collected at the site
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Resources and information for those conducting genealogical and other research into the officers incarcerated in the prison

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In this section you will find photos and information on some of the thousands of artifacts found during our excavations at the Johnson's Island site.  Click on the photos to see full-sized images.

These are very typical ale bottles that have been discovered at Johnson's Island.  They are made either in dip molds or three piece molds.  The two bottles on the right have a crown embossed in the shoulder section of the bottle.  We have yet to figure out where these are from.   This brooch was found in the latrine behind the hospital.  The latrine dated from after July 12, 1864.  It is made from hard rubber and shell.  The shell has been carved to have the name Ella embossed on it as well as a floral design of leaves.  The back of the brooch had a copper pin.
We find many examples of hard rubber buttons at Johnson's Island.  The prisoners were using the buttons for both their clothing and for carving into fine jewelry.  this button has the Goodyear Patent embossed on it.  It was made by the Novelty Rubber Company.    It is not surprising that occasionally we find an Officer's button from the Confederacy.  Here, we have an Infantry button from a Mississippi Officer's uniform. 

Photo gallery 1 Hard Rubber

Photo gallery 2  Ink Wells

Photo gallery 3  Smoking Pipes

    More will be added soon!!
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