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Field Research
Results from the 2005 season, along with plans for 2006
Data and photos from previous digs, including images of some of the thousands of artifacts collected at the site
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Resources and information for those conducting genealogical and other research into the officers incarcerated in the prison
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Photo Gallery 1-Hard Rubber

Hard Rubber Brooch

This brooch was made by Robert Smith while a prisoner at Johnson's Island. He mentions making it in his diary.

Hard Rubber Ring

This ring was found within the confines of Block 4.

Hard Rubber Ring

This ring was made with hard rubber and silver. The design of the hand pointing to a heart is a common theme found at Johnson's Island.

Hard Rubber Waste Pieces

These pieces of hard rubber are from a chart rule. The prisoners used the rule as a source of hard rubber for their rings and other jewelry.

    More will be added soon!!
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