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Johnson's Island Class Scrapbook

2006-Field Specimens


Here you will see some of the significant finds that we have made this year at Block 6, the Prison Hospital. 

FS 6410-Embossed Glass

FS 6411-Embossed Glass ("ERS")

FS 6412-Copper piece

FS 6413-Embossed Glass

FS 6414-Probably a Hosteter's Bitters Bottle Fragment. Hosteter's Bitters were used by the Union Army for medical purposes.

FS 6415-Hard Rubber Pipe Bowl Fragment

FS 6416-Embossed Glass "S"

FS 6417-Embossed Glass-"ORK" Probably an Adams and Fay New York Patent Medicine Bottle

FS 6418 Iron Piece

FS 6419-Embossed Glass "XP"

FS 6420-Embossed Glass

FS 6421-Hard Rubber Pipe bowl fragment

FS 6422-Cut Shell

FS 6423-Tooth Brush Fragment

FS 6424-Hard Rubber Pipe Bowl Fragment

FS-6425 Hard Rubber Link (part of a chain)

FS-6426 Embossed Glass

FS 6427 Iron Button

FS 6428 Iron Button

FS 6429 Kaolin Pipe Stem

FS 6430 Folded Metal Object

FS 6431 Union Infantry Button

FS 6432 Chert Bifacial Tool

FS 6433 hard rubber folding comb

FS 6434 Copper Piece

FS 6435 Embossed Glass

FS 6436 Decorated Ceramic Rim

FS 6437 Hard Rubber comb tooth

FS 6438 Iron Button

FS 6439 Bifacial Chert

FS 6440 Cut Shell

FS 6441 Embossed Glass "T"

FS 6443 Cut Shell

FS 6445 Redware Smoking Pipe Bowl Fragment

FS 6446 Fork Handle

FS 6444 Hard Rubber Chain Link

FS 6447 Glass Stopper-ground glass

FS 6448 Iron File

FS 6449 Ceramic Jar fragment

FS 6450 Iron Button

FS 6451 Fork Handle

FS 6452-Iron Tool?

FS 6453 Embossed Glass

FS 6454 Embossed Glass "U?NI"

FS 6455 Cut Shell

FS 6456 Embossed Glass

FS 6457 Bone Tooth Brush

FS 6458 Embossed Glass

FS 6459 Bone Handle Fragment

FS 6460 Prosser Button Fragment

FS 6461 Prehistoric Projectile Point

FS 6462 Cut Shell

FS 6463 Iron Handle

FS 6464 Embossed Glass "OS" Probably from USA HOSP.DEPT. bottle

FS 6465 Metal Object

FS 6466 Cut Shell

FS 6467 Hard Rubber Pipe Bowl Fragment

FS 6468 Iron Button

FS 6469 Kaolin Pipe Stem Fragment

FS 6470 Patent Medicine bottle finish

FS 6471 Projectile Point Tip

FS 6472 Bitters Bottle fragment

FS 6473 Iron Button

FS 6474 Pistol Ball-lead

FS 6475 Shell Button

FS6476 Kaolin Pipe Stem fragment (card numbered wrong)

FS 6477 Bottle Finish (card numbered wrong)

FS 6478 Prosessor Button (Brown)

FS 6479 Ink Well Bottom

FS 6480 Cut Shell

FS 6481 Lead Buck Shot

FS 6482 Iron Button

FS 6483 Projectile Point

FS 6484 Percussion Cap-fired

FS 6485 Cut Shell

FS 6486 Bottom Base

FS 6487 Embossed Glass "WOR" probably from glassworks

FS 6488 Embossed Glass "IHM"

FS 6489 Iron Utensil handle fragment

FS 6490 Iron handle fragment?

FS 6491 Modern .22 shell

FS 6492 Cut Shell

FS 6493 Metal Plate fragment

FS 6494 Bottle Finish

FS 6495 Spoon Handle fragment

FS 6496 Possible Metal hinge fragment

FS 6497 Hard Rubber Button fragment

FS 6498 Metal button fragment

FS 6499 Spoon Handle fragment (end)

FS 6500 Projectile Point (chert)

FS 6501 Ceramic Pipe stem and bowl fragment

FS 6501 Ceramic Pipe stem and bowl fragment (reverse)

FS 6502 Metal piece (unknown)

FS 6503 Recent Shot gun shell

FS 6504 Bone Button Fragment

FS 6505 Hard Rubber Folding comb hinge

FS 6506 Twisted Iron object

FS 6507 Chert Biface

FS 6508 Ceramic Handle

FS 6509 Ceramic Pipe Bowl fragment

FS 6510 Cut Shell

FS 6511 Embossed Glass

FS 6512 Bottle Finish

FS 6513 Ceramic pipe bowl fragment

FS 6514 Fork utensil

FS 6515 Embossed Glass

FS 6516 Iron Button

FS 6517 Embossed Glass

FS 6518 Hard Rubber Craft Carving-from button

FS 6518 Reverse side of hard rubber carving

FS 6519 Embossed Glass

FS 6520 Cut Shell

FS 6521 Iron Washer

FS 6522 Cut Shell

FS 6523 Hard Rubber Button (Goodyear Pt.)

FS 6524 Modern Bullet

FS 6525 Prehistoric Ceramic Rim Sherd

FS 6526 Flint Biface

FS 6527 Cut Shell

FS 6528 Chert Biface

FS 6529 Hard Rubber Rule Fragment

FS 6530 Cut Shell

FS 6531 Embossed Glass

FS 6532 Embossed Glass

FS 6533 Human Tooth

FS 6533 Reverse side of Human Tooth

FS 6534 Silver Plated Coper strip

FS 6535 Brown Prosser Button

FS 6536 Cut Shell

FS 6537 Possible Button?

FS 6538 Medicine Bottle finish fragment with ground surface

FS 6539 Lead Shot

FS 6540 White Prosser Button .5"

FS 6541 Hard Rubber Carving from chart rule

FS 6542 Human Tooth

FS 6543 Cut Shell

FS 6544 Cut Shell

FS 6545 Hard Rubber Craft Item

FS 6545 Hard Rubber Craft Item

FS 6546 Kaolin Pipe Stem Fragment

FS 6547 Side Notched Projectile Point

FS 6548 Bottle Base Fragment

FS 6549 Cut Shell

FS 6550 Crystal Glass Bottle Base-Medical

FS 6551 Iron Object

FS 6552 Tooth Brush piece

FS 6553 Musket Ball

FS 6554 Iron Utensil Handle

FS 6555 Crystal Glass Finish fragment (probably medicine bottle)

FS 6556 Indian Head Penny (1862)

FS 6556 Close up of Indian Head Penny (1862)

FS 6557 Glass Finish Fragment

FS 6558 Hard Rubber Carving

FS 6559 Bottle Finish

FS 6560 Percussion Cap

FS 6561 Spoon Handle Fragment

FS 6562 Cut Shell

FS 6563 Iron Tool Fragment

FS 6564 Glass Stopper

FS 6565 Cut Shell

FS 6566 Embossed Glass

FS 6567 Copper Gratting

FS 6568 Metal (iron) Object

FS 6569 Cut Shell

FS 6570 Ceramic Rim Sherd

FS 6571 Union Infantry Button

FS 6571 Close up of Infantry button

FS 6572 Iron Knife fragment

FS 6573 Projectile Point tip

FS 6574 Projectile point base

FS 6575 Iron Object

FS 6576 Kaolin Pipe Bowl Fragment

FS 6577 Decorate Ceramic Rim

FS 6578 Embossed Glass

FS 6579 Embossed Glass

FS 6580 Embossed Glass

FS 6581 Large Cut Shell-probably marine shell

FS 6582 Iron Button

FS 6583 Embossed Glass "Sarsaparilla"

FS 6584 Bone Tooth Brush

FS 6585 Cut Shell

FS 6586 Lea and Perrins Club Sauce Stopper

FS 6586 Lea and Perrins Stopper

FS 6587 Shell Button

FS 6588 Bottle Finish Fragment

FS 6589 Cut Shell

FS 6590 Carved Shell Cross

FS 6591 Circular Iron Object

FS 6592 Engraved metal object-Unknown purpose-notice ET on piece

FS 6593 Patent Medicine Bottle Base Fragment

FS 6594 Uniform Trimming-copper corded

FS 6595 Bottle Base-unusual 2-piece mold

FS 6596 Prosses Button fragment

FS 6597 Cut Shell

FS 6598 Embossed Glass

FS 6599 Chert Biface

FS 6600 Embossed Glass

FS 6600 Embossed Glass

FS 6600 Embossed Glass

FS 6601 Hard Rubber item?

FS 6602 Hard Rubber item?

FS 6603 Cut Brick

FS 6605 Iron object

FS 6606 Chert Biface

FS 6607 Ceramic Rim-Bedpan neck

FS 6607 Embossed Glass

FS 6609 Iron Object

FS 6610 Embossed Glass "R"

FS 6611 Embossed Glass "D"

FS 6612 Flint Biface

FS 6614 Bone Button

FS 6615 Scabbard Tip

FS 6615 Scabbard Tip (reverse)

FS 6616 Chert Projectile Point Tip

FS 6617 Glazed Brick

FS 6618 Chert Biface

FS 6619 Bottle Finish Fragment

FS 6620 Prehistoric Ceramic Rim Sherd

FS 6621 Prehistoric Ceramic Rim Sherd

FS 6622 Worked Bone-probably from utensil handle

FS 6623 Chert Biface

FS 6624 Gold Plated item with rivet

FS 6625 Cut Shell

FS 6626 Eyelet

FS 6627 Projectile Point

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