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Donating Time and Money


I want first to thank all of the volunteers that have taken time to participate in our exploration of the Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot. 

There are several ways to volunteer your time furthering the exploration of Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot:

Experiential Learning Program

The Center for Historic and Military Archaeology of Heidelberg College is looking for interested adults to participate in the Experiential Learning Program in Historic Archaeology.  The program runs from the end of March through Mid May (M-T), and we are looking for adults willing to commit to at least a week, but hopefully much more time.  Archaeological experience is not necessary.  You will be trained if you commit to volunteer. The program brings the Civil War and archaeology to students of 5th through 12th  grades from all over northwest Ohio and Michigan.  (For more information, see Experiential Learning Program Page.)

Adult Learning Experiences

Participate hands on in discovering the Civil War alongside professional archaeologists, offered through Heidelberg College.

Archaeology Laboratory

In addition to volunteering at the site, we need volunteers to work in the Archaeology Laboratory at Heidelberg College.  We typically work every day during the fall months and one night per week.  During the Spring months, we just work one night per week.  At the laboratory, we work on preparing the cultural materials (artifacts) that were recovered for analysis.  This is an ongoing project that requires many dedicated hands.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with materials that were last used by prisoners of war, or their Union captors.

Document Transcription

We can also use volunteers to help with the transcription of the copies of the historical documents that we have received.  For further information, check out the Transcription section of this site.  To volunteer for any of the work associated with the exploration of Johnsonís Island, contact David Bush as noted below.  Our volunteers are so important to our success.

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