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How to donate your time to help keep Johnson's Island's past alive
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Donating Time and Money

Monetary Donations

There are several ways to make monetary donations to  help continue the work at Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot.


Your donation will insure the preservation of 17.1 acres of this most impressive Civil War prison site.  With your donation, you will receive updates on our efforts to protect this property. 

Please consider the following donation categories. PDF form you can send in


Donor Category Amount Gift  
Individual $25.00  
Supporting $50.00    
Contributing $100.00 Gould Print  
Charter $500.00 Bronze Plaque  
Benefactor $1,000.00 + "Our Mess" Reproduction  

Also consider pledging this year to raise your Donor category to $500 or $1000 allowing you to qualify for your name on the bronze plaque or receipt of the “Our Mess” print.  Pledging will also allow us to better secure the property.  We are a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization.  Your contributions are tax deductible. (Federal Tax ID No. 34-1967431.)

Please make check payable to:
Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island

Mail-In Contributions

Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island
3510 Confederate Drive
Johnson’s Island, Ohio 43440

Online Gift Giving

The Friends and Descendants have partnered with Heidelberg University to preserve Johnson’s Island.  Heidelberg University has made possible for supporters of the Friends and Descendants to give on-line.  Contact David Bush to get the details. 


Since October of 2002, our initial mission has been to pay down the mortgage on the 17.1 acres to insure it will remain in perpetuity for all to appreciate.  Through very kind donations of hundreds of people and organizations over the years, we have not reached the final stages of this first phase of our mission.  With the mortgage at $55,000 (April, 2010) (from the initial $320,000), we are anticipating having the mortgage retired by September of 2010.  If you or your organization want to be recognized as a Charter or Benefactor member, now is your chance to be permanently recognized.  

We appreciate your consideration and generosity.   Please Help Protect this National Historic Landmark!


We are a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization-Your Contributions are Tax Deductible!!

1st Goal Completed!-The first part of Phase I was to raise enough money to secure financing for the purchase of the 17.1 acres, which included the remaining portion of the prison compound, Fort Johnson, and several acres of land surrounding these features.  The agreed upon purchase price from Baycliffs Development was $350,000.00.  The FDJI raised the down payment and purchased the land in October, 2002. 

2nd Goal-The second phase of the fundraising will be to secure the rest of the money required to retire the mortgage of the 17.1 acres.  We have reduced the mortgage to $55,000.00.  We anticipate reaching this goal by September, 2010.

3rd Goal-The final immediate goal is to raise an additional $150,000.00 for maintenance, security, and the beginnings of an endowment for long-term preservation.  Our fund raising objectives will be switched to this as soon as the mortgage is retired. 

The Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island Civil War Prison was officially registered with the State of Ohio as a non-profit on July 31, 2001.  We are a Tax Exempt 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization.. 

Endorsed by Heidelberg University; The Civil War Preservation Trust; The Archaeological Conservancy; The American Institute of Archaeology

Sutler's Shop

You can also donate by purchasing items from Sutler's Shop.

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