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Adult Learning Experiences

Discover the Civil War at a National Historic Landmark and Civil War Discovery Trail Site.

Discover a Lost Time

  • Be the first to hold objects lost by Confederate POWs over 134 years ago

  • Stand on the actual prison grounds

  • View the fortifications protecting the island

  • Hear the voices of the POWs through their diaries and letters

  • Be a part of the scientific study of the Civil War

  • Visit the Confederate cemetery

  • Hear from the ancestors of the POWs

  • Experience the Civil War like never before

You have the opportunity to actually participate in the discovery of the Civil War. All you need is the desire to uncover, under the direction of professional archaeologists, the remains associated with the Johnson's Island Prison. You can participate in the actual excavation, processing, and initial cataloguing of the materials recovered and be the first to see objects lost over 140 years ago. We can think of no better way to truly understand what being a POW was like during the Civil War than to discover, discuss, and experience the site of Johnson's Island. 

Call, e-mail, or write for information about the limited Adult Learning Experiences offered through Heidelberg College at the Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot. 

Dr. David Bush
Center for Historic and Military Archaeology
Heidelberg College
Tiffin, OH 44883
(419) 448-2327 (office)
(419) 448-2236 (facsimile)

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