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One of the resources that I use to find out about POWs at Johnson's Island are the various official lists that were created at Johnson's Island during its use as a prison. These lists are maintained at the National Archives, and I have gotten copies on microfilm that I use (with students help) to look up prisoners. The following are some of the lists that I use:

General Register of Prisoners 1862-1864 "Johnson's Island Ohio General Register No.1-April 9, 1862-Aug. 4 1864 6839 Names" note: 2483 are transferred to Gen. Reg. No.2

General Register of Prisoners 1862-1865 "General Register No.2 Contains 4577 names including 2483 transferred from General Register No. 1."

Register of Prisoners 1862-1863 "O.C.G.P. Johnson's Island, Ohio. Book commences with captures Fort Donelson & Ends with Captures o Feb. 20, 1863." Feb. 16, 1862-Feb. 20, 1863

Register of Prisoners 1862-1865

"Aux. Register No. 3, Johnson's Island Ohio, Register of Deaths"

"Johnson's Island Ohio Aux. Reg. No.6. This register appears to be a record of "Amnesty Rolls" Covers from April 30-May 15th 1865. Contains 2860 names. Shows names, rank, origin, date, occupation of prisoners and in remark's some dates of releases and where from. A test of a large number of names shows these men taken up and disposed of on General Register No. 2."

"Johnson's Island Ohio Aux. Reg. No. 7 Receipt Book for currency need from Confederate Officers July 1865."

"Johnson's Island Ohio Aux. Reg. No. 8 Contains about 1700 names. This register contains a record of examinations of expressed packages received for prisoners. Covers from Jan. 21 to July, 1865. Shows names of prisoners. Gives names and number of articles and their disposition."

"Unidentified Name index"

Memorial of the Federal Prison on Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, Ohio 1862-1864, containing a List of Prisoners of War, from the Confederate States Army. Virginia Historical Society

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