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Credit Cards Now Accepted

For purchasing items at the Sutler Store or for Membership or Donations, you can now use your credit cards.  To use your credit card, you can mail in the information noted below, call in, or meet us at one of our events. 


Renew membership, make donations, or purchase items at the Sutler with your Credit Card: Discover, Mastercard, VISA, Am. Express (circle one)

Card No._________________________  Amount: $___________

 Expiration Date: mm/yy __________              CVV ### _______

Signature: _________________________________

 Name and Address:

Name: _____________________________

Street:___________________________ City:______________

State:_________ Zip Code:________

Item   Price
I Fear I Shall Never Leave This Island:  Life in a Civil War Prison

by David R. Bush

  $35.00 non-member

$30.00 member

$20.00 paperback

Shipping included

Guide Map to the Confederate Cemetery on Johnson's Island   $5.00 + shipping
1864 Edward Gould Print
18" x 24"
+ shipping
Charles Frohman's Rebel's on Lake Erie   $18.00
+ shipping
I had Rather Lose a Limb & be Free-The Johnson's Island Experiences of Lt. John Taylor, 7th SC Cavalry   $15.00 + shipping
Far From Home: The Diary of Lt. William H. Peel 1863-1865   $33.00
+ shipping
Video: Rebel Fire/Yankee Ice   $20.00
+ shipping
      DVD   $25.00 + shipping
Video: Echoes of Grey   $20.00
+ shipping
       DVD   $25.00 + shipping
T-Shirts   $15.00
+ shipping
POW Lapel Pins   $5.00
+ shipping
2003-2010 Lapel Pins   $3.00 each
Pencils   $.50 each
Woshner's India Rubber and Gutta-Percha in the Civil War Era   $40.00
+ shipping
JI Car emblem   $1.00 + $.50 shipping

Shipping and handling run $2.50 for most orders.

Send check to:
Friends and Descendants of Johnsonís Island (FDJICWP)
3510 Confederate Drive
Johnsonís Island, OH 43440
(419) 448-2327

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