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Block 4-A.F. Swadley Letter  

Here is a transcription of the letter.



Block 11 Mess 2 Johnsonís Island

Near Sandusky Ohio September 25, 1864

 Dear Brother,  I havenít received a letter from you since one dated August 5th containing five dollars, which I immediately answered returning my thanks for it.  In that letter you said you had sent the same amt. to Cos. Geo[rge].I heard from him the other day & he says it never came to hand.  I expect I can do without, or with the little I have for sometime: but, if you send me any more send it by [Don_ Man] to the states & have him to express it to me.

We had a hurricane here night before last which unroofed three of the blocks or barracks.  Although there are about 2600 men here & scantling planks etc. were flying thick, but 4 or 5 were hurt anything like serious.

I got a letter from home dated Aug.26th  All well at home  Little John Bird has lost his arm in battle & is at home now.  I will tell you what sister Annie says about you.  She says we are real glad to hear from Bro. Geo. Again & that he was enjoying good health.  Do tell him that we all was so very glad to hear from him.  Tell him [him] we still live in hopes of seeing him again.  She further says she thinks of writing to you soon.  This is all she said about you.  Cousin J.L Shumate was well sometime since he sends his love to you.  I wrote to you Aug. 28th in answer to yours of the 6th of that month.  I ought to have written to you sooner, but still expected a letter from you before this time, but none came.  A friend of mine request me to inquire if Judge H.P A. Smith & Col. Saml. McLane Attyís at Law are still in Denver City.  John Bird & Benj. Hines Esqs. Were prisoners at Camp chase sometime ago.  Let us know whether you are married or not for I have been asked this question several times And could give no correct answer.  I am well & the general health of the prison is good.  I have never gotten you to consent to write to me once every two weeks.  Hope you will.  For I am always very anxious to hear from you.

Write as soon as you receive this & give me all the news you can.  I remain

(address as Prison of War & as above) Your Affectionate Brother

                                                                        A. F. Swadley


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