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Block 4  


We have investigated Block 4 for six years.  In all these investigations, we learned much about the typical daily life of the prisoners. 

We have conducted excavations at Block 4 for six years.  The map shows many of the features that were discovered during these investigations, including the building's post holes and two latrines used by the prisoners of Block 4.  To learn more about the prisoners, click here. 

Hard rubber carvings were made by the prisoners to either sell or to send to their families.  They made trinkets as well as rings, buttons, brooches, and necklaces. 

This hard rubber ring was carved out of a button with two silver sets added.  We have not yet figured out what the hand pointing to the heart means. 

We have found other examples of this type of carving in Block 4.

J. C. Lee was with the 15th Arkansas. His ring was found in Block 4. 

The prisoners spent much of their time writing letters home to their family.  Archaeologically, we find evidence of this activity through ink wells and pen nibs.  Below is one of the many ink wells we have discovered at Johnson's Island.

Want to view an actual letter written by a prisoner-Click Here
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