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Sutler's Stand


If you click on this image, you will not only see the Sutler's store, but you will also notice other activities that were going on very close to the Sutler's.  As you may recall, the Sutler's store was located just bay side of Block 1.  The Sutler's was Mr. Johnson, the owner of Johnson's Island.  He was given the rights to sell to the Prisoners until late in the war.  After years of abusing the Prisoners through overcharging, he was removed as Sutler. 

The Sutler provided many goods the Prisoners desired, but would not be given through normal rations.  Although at times the Sutler was restricted in what he could sell to the Prisoners, he was always allowed to sell tobacco and writing supplies.  These writing supplies, of course, included ink, provided to the prisoners in ink wells.  It is suspected that the sutler also sold smoking pipes to the prisoners. 


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