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Block 6 was always designated as the Prison Hospital.  Here, prisoners that were very ill or wounded would be treated.  Although many prisoners were sick, only about 80 would end up in the hospital. 

In 1990 investigations of the prison started with the latrines behind the hospital building. Here are some pictures of hospital related items.  






Excavations within the latrines produced many objects that were a part of the daily life of the sick prisoner.  We discovered a ceramic bed pan that had been broken into over 50 pieces. 

We are excavating the southeast corner of Block 6 during the 2006 field season.  We are hoping to uncover evidence of the daily treatment of the prisoners. 




Some bottles found in the hospital latrines provided medicines to the prisoners by the Union. 

Here is another example of a small medicine bottle found by Block 6.

This is a patent medicine bottle that the prisoners would have used for their illness.  Patent medicines contained various types of untested ingredients which may not have actually cured their sickness.
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